We will focus on Jesus.

It’s about: Focused priority.


We will not be religious.

It’s about: Jesus, not religion.


We will relate, not isolate.

It’s about: Acceptance and engagement.


We will honor one another to glorify God.

It’s about: Valuing people.


We are contributors, not consumers.

It’s about: Taking Action. Getting involved.


We think outside the box.

It’s about: Changing the methods with an unchanged message.


We will do more by doing less.

It’s about: Focused excellence.


We don’t maintain, we multiply.

It’s about: Continual growth.


We eat the fish and spit out the bones.

It’s about: Teachable attitudes.


We are united, not divided.

It’s about: not being easily offended and valuing our diversities.


We will work.

It’s about: Being the Church, not going to church.


We will not take this for granted.

It’s about: Expressing gratitude.